Specialising in African Egyptian jewellery including chokers, statement necklaces, bracelets and earrings, Jarlia By Jolina's aim is to impact all women from all ethnicities with the beauty of uniquely designed jewellery.

Jolina is the founder of Jarlia By Jolina. Jolina was born in France and came to London in 2007 with her daughter in search of her dream life, who is now working along side her as her business partner. The dynamic duo have put all of their energy and resources into creating their dream brand of Jarlia By Jolina.

The Jarlia By Jolina jewellery collection consists of African Egyptian luxury jewellery to empower all women’s beauty. As Jolina believes in the use of jewellery to effortlessly enhance any look, the Jarlia By Jolina® jewellery brand is known to immediately revive any look, through the infusion of intense colours and unique designs.

Follow her journey on Instagram: @jarliabyjolina 

Jolina has many other talents, as her love for fashion and ability to be very detailed and creative allows her to also be a personal stylist, who is able to incorporate her luxury Jewellery in her prescribed styles.

Book your jewellery styling for your photo shoot from £45, jewellery included.

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Jarlia By Jolina® luxury statement jewellery is sold at an exceptional quality and at an amazing price so it is accessible to all women.

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